EVENT October 21 2013

American Daredevils Season Premiere Viewing Party

        Tue Oct 22 2013 at 07:00 pm Add to calendar  Venue : Sam's Town Point, 2115 Allred Drive , Austin, 78748

Join Dr Danger and Mighty Aphrodite, along with the show producers from Widespread Creative, to watch and celebrate the first TWO episodes of "American Daredevils" on the History Channel! It's going to be a wild one. We hope to see you there!


WELCOME October 16 2013

A Message From Dr Danger


I have been doing daredevil stunts for a long time. It has always been a challenge to live in a part time daredevil world and try to keep a real job too. In 2006, I decided to pack up my $200 Suburban and hit the road for points unknown; no looking back, head straight on into what it was that awaited me out there on the big ole lonesome road. I knew I was going to cross paths with my future out there, whatever it was.

It was one show to the next from that point on: arrive in Podunk USA, crash and burn, try to stay out of the hospital, then get to the next show.

In October of 2008, I was doing a show in Wichita Falls, Texas that pretty much changed my life. I won’t go into the complicated details of how it all happened and quite frankly almost did not happen. I will cut to the chase and introduce two of the best friends a man could ask for.

Kelly Lipscomb and Matt Tisdale from a little company named Widespread Creative. We hit the road to create our own TV show about daredevils on the road. Fast forward to lucky number 2013, five years later and we have done the impossible. We created and produced a TV reality show and placed it with one of the top Networks in the country.

Now here we are just ONE day from the premiere of American Daredevils! My wildest dreams are coming true. 16 episodes in the can, ready to hopefully take America by storm. I am a happy man; still alive and breathing, which some may say is a miracle in itself, and a brave new world lay before me. On with the show!