Danger’s Angels’ “Mighty Aphrodite” clips her wings and says goodbye to the team July 21 2015

                        Danger’s Angels announces the departure of Nikki McBurnett (Mighty Aphrodite) from the femme fatale daredevil team. The team of adrenaline junkies was created by Dr Danger of Dr Danger Stunts especially for “America’s Got Talent” Season 10, Extreme Season.

“When AGT called and said, “I love that you have a girl on your team”, well, I had to tell them, I can give you an entire TEAM of girls” said Gregory E. Carpenter, aka Dr Danger. The obvious choice to lead the team was Dr Danger’s long time daredevil partner, McBurnett. Together, they handpicked the remaining women whom they felt had the tenacity to stand toe to toe with McBurnett. In the final moments before the girls went in front of the AGT judges, the other four Danger’s Angels were pulled from the stunt, leaving only Mighty Aphrodite in the limo when it exploded.

The 42-year-old grandmother has offered no explanation for the split. She first gained recognition on the History Channel’s “American Daredevils” co created by and starring, Dr Danger. “It was her decision to leave. We’ll all miss her, and we wish her well. Nikki and I shared almost seven years of explosions, fiery crashes, and even a television series. I’m saddened by her departure. The Angels were looking forward to many thrill-packed adventures with her. They were excited about learning more from Mighty Aphrodite, because they considered her a role model. Sadly, that won’t be happening now.”

Rather than leave the Angels without a leader, Dr Danger is bringing them back under HIS wings. Danger’s Angels is now officially a part of Dr Danger Stunts Entertainment family.

And what does the good Dr have in mind for his next challenge? “We’re developing new, more spectacular stunts with Danger’s Angels, an outrageous group of young women who are as fearless as they are beautiful,” Dr Danger said. “They are an integral part of our future shows. Negotiations for a national tour are in the works. There’s also a pretty good chance we’ll be taking the show to South America and Europe. There is also interest in a television series.”

“The timing is right, and these gorgeous young women are ready to spread their Angel wings and fly to greater heights of fearlessness, razzle dazzle, and breathtaking entertainment guaranteed to keep their fans on the edge of their seats! Stay tuned!”